About Us

Summit Partners Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency with locations throughout California and Nevada. We specialize in helping captive insurance agents and those new to the insurance industry build and retain successful and profitable books of business.


Our proven turn-key approach that includes professional training, outreach and support will catapult your career to a higher level of success!





"It takes a dedicated amount of time, energy and commitment to build good strong, long lasting relationships."

What sets us apart: We realize that our agents have a choice in where they work, just as you have a choice as to where you get your insurance. At Summit Partners Insurance Services, we take pride in knowing our customers and providing them service, knowledge, and our commitment to quality. We make sure every Summit Partners agent understands our unwavering commitment to building long lasting relationships that are grounded in trust, respect and outstanding service. When you choose Summit Partners Insurance Services, you can be certain that we work hard every day to bring the highest level of courtesy, knowledge and resources to everything we do.
Meet The Executive Team: The four Principals/Partners of Summit Partners Insurance Services all have long, well-established careers in the insurance industry. Together, their years of professional experience, by far, exceeds 100 years! When it comes to insurance know-how, their keen insight of emerging industry trends and well-established professional relationships with insurance associates translate to a better qualified, more substantive agent-force who provide superior service, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

David J. Harley, President / Principal


916-297-7490 Office


Dave H. Warburton, Vice President

Commercial Lines and Life / Principal


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Robynn Porter, Vice President

Personal Lines / Principal


916-297-7490 Office

916-471-0159 Fax

Paul Hammack, Partner / Principal

Owner / Principal

Professional Insurance Assoc. PIA